About Us

Convey Health Solutions (Convey), an expert in fulfillment of over-the-counter health and wellness products, is dedicated to solving the largest challenges faced by healthcare organizations and those that navigate their own health care.

Birdsong Hearing Benefits (Birdsong), is focused on serving those experiencing some degree of hearing loss by delivering life-changing solutions. Birdsong partners with leading health plans and hearing providers to support their members and patients with the most underutilized supplemental benefit: hearing. Birdsong offers hearing benefit solutions for commercial plans, Medicare Advantage, and other governmental programs.

In coming together, we at Convey and Birdsong are driven to help Americans regain and overcome their hearing impairment and maintain connection with the world around them. By acting quickly on the 2022 FDA ruling, we are excited to offer Americans the ability to purchase top-tier products at affordable prices.

The goals of the recent ruling are to make hearing aids more accessible and hearing care more affordable, and we are proud to bring those goals to life in our product offering.

If you are you ready to make a difference in your
quality of life:

Sounds are beautiful, and we at Convey and Birdsong do not want you to miss a single one!