What are OTC hearing aids?

Like prescription hearing aids, this new category of hearing aid device amplifies sound so that you are able to better hear and communicate if you are experiencing mild-to-moderate hearing loss or impairment. You fit these devices yourself and do not need to see an audiologist or get a prescription for purchase.

How do I know if my hearing loss or impairment is a good fit for OTC hearing aids?

An OTC hearing aid may be a good fit for you if:

Sounds are muffled.
You find yourself asking people to repeat themselves or speak louder.
Your TV or radio volume may be higher than you would have previously preferred.
You have difficulty hearing when in a group, on the phone, in a noisy area.
You can still hear easily when in a quiet or personal setting.

If you have severe hearing loss, we recommend you consult a hearing professional. If you are experiencing any ear pain or a rapid decline in hearing quality, we recommend you consult a hearing professional.

Are OTC hearing aids sold as a pair?

We sell OTC hearing aid devices as a pair, which includes a hearing device for each ear. If you are experiencing hearing loss in both ears, two devices may provide you with the best outcomes.

What is the difference between an OTC hearing aid and a “hearing amplifier” or “personal sound amplification product” (PSAP)?

While OTC hearing aids and PSAPs both amplify sound for the user, the products have different intended uses. OTC and prescription hearing aids are intended to make up for impaired hearing. PSAPs, in contrast, are intended for people with normal hearing to amplify sounds in certain situations, such as recreational activities like birdwatching or hunting.

Visit the FDA’s website to learn more.

Can I purchase an OTC hearing aid for my child?

No. The FDA ruling approves the purchase and use of OTC hearing aids only for adults 18 years of age and older. If your child is experiencing difficulty hearing, we recommend you contact a hearing care professional.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my OTC hearing aid purchase or payment?

If you experienced problems with your purchase transaction contact Birdsong Hearing Benefits.

Telephone: (844) 966-9667
Email: otcsupport@birdsonghearing.com